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Shilnikova Ksenya
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Total artworks: 4

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Shilnikova Ksenya (1971)

1996 - an exhibition of group of artists 6 1/2, the Russian Fund Cultures, Ivanovo
1997 - a personal exhibition within the limits of international Festival «Premio Cypraeа», Italy, Naples - Sorrento
1998 - a personal exhibition, the Museum of N.A.Dobroljubova, Nizhni Novgorod
1998 - an exhibition of group of artists of 6 1/2 "Plener-98", Kineshma
1999 - a personal exhibition, State Exhibition Complex, Nizhni Novgorod
With 1999 member Lions of club «New generation» Moscow, participation In the social program "Street children" СВАО Moscow
2000 - work of the art director of a documentary film M.Alvarado of "Person" (diploma Х МКФ «Gold hero»)
With 2000 member of the Society of the Russian-Chinese friendship, Moscow
2000 - a personal exhibition, the House of Friendship of the People, Moscow
2000 - a personal exhibition, State Picture Gallery, Kineshma
2001 - participation in a number of exhibitions «Artists of Russia», art - Agency Les Peintres d’Ailleurs, France, Toulouse - Avignon
2002 - a personal exhibition «Without borders», the House of the Architect, N. Novgorod
2002 - a personal exhibition, art agency Les Peintres d’Ailleurs, France, Avignon
2003 - a personal exhibition "Boundary", Nizhni Novgorod
2004 - an open-air and participation in a number of exhibitions «Artists of Russia», France, Spain
2004 - 2006 - work in the field of restoration, registrations and Painting exhibiting in galleries of the South of France and Petersburg
2005 - a personal exhibition «spring, summer, autumn, winter», Club of tea culture «tea Sea», Petersburg
2007 – an open-air and a personal exhibition «Valaam 07», an island Valaam
2008 – K.Shilnikova and A.Ovchinnikova exhibition «Two sights On the sun », gallery« on Kustodieva 17 », Petersburg
2008 – an exhibition of author’s prints "Russia" Representation Roszarubezhtsentra in Nepal, Katmandu