Artists / Nesvetailo Ivan

IVAN NESVETAILO is the original Russian artist, participant of more than 40 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, including solo exhibitions.
Born in Belgorod (Russia) in 1959.
In 1983-1990 he studied at the Art College (Design Department) in Orel, then at the Saint Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Design (Department of Monumental Art) in Saint Petersburg.
His artworks are in collections of seven Russian and Ukraine State museums and private galleries of Russia, USA, Canada, Italy,
Poland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Chile, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Portugal.
The development of experience of Russian Avant Guarde of the beginning of the 20th century has encourage Ivan Nesvetailo’s creative method.
His paintings are expressive, the stroke is sprawling, color is extremely emotional. Dinamically organized surface of canvases gives rise to unforgettable images.