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The Belgorod State Art Museum was founded in 1983. Now the building of modern style is situated in the center of city near another museums. The museum collections now include over four thousand works of art and cultural relics. Apart from the assemblage of paintings and sculptures the museum holds an extensive collection graphic works, iconpaitings and decorative arts. New exhibition halls were opened in 2007. Two permanent exhibition reflects the native art of XX - XXI c. by the works of artists as S.V. Gueracimov, A.V. Kuprine, A.I. Lactionov, V.I. Ivanov, A.P.,S.P. Tkachevs, S.S. Molodih, B.V. Sherbakov, T.N. Yablonskaya act.

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Shevchuk Vasiliy
St.Petersburg, Russia
Skargina Lidiya
Lipetsk, Russia
Nesvetailo Ivan
St.Petersburg, Russia
Zinchenko  Nikolay
Novosibirsk, Russia
Britov Kim
Vladimir, Russia
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