Artists / Labutov Vladimir Konstantinovich

Labutov Vladimir Konstantinovich
St.Petersburg, Russia

Total artworks: 21

Views: 41785

Labutov Vladimir Konstantinovich (10.12.1949)

Solo exhibitions: Helsinki (1993), Sopot (1994), Hamburg (1995), Museum of Benoit (1995), Bad Homburg (1996), Museum of Sosnoviy Bor (1997), St. Petersburg Union of Russian Artists (1999), Brodsky Museum (2006), Peterhof Grand Palace (2007), exhibition hall Cascade cultural center (2009), central exhibition hall of Moscow district of St. Petersburg (2009), Paris (2009), Cairo (2010), Lviv Palace (2010), Burgas (2011) etc.

His works are in several museums: Pskov Museum Reserve, Artillery museum of St. Petersburg, Bad Homburg, Helsinki, Sopot, Cairo, Sosnovy Bor, Bourgas and Pomorie (Bulgaria), Kingisepp, Peterhof Museum Reserve, Oranienbaum Gallery, Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Hermitage etc.