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Skoromnaya Iya
Sumy, Ukraine

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Skoromnaya Iya

The artist Iya Skoromna was born in Sumy, Ukraine.
In 1986 - finished the school of fine arts, Sumy, Ukraine.
In the year 1992 Iya gratuated from Kiev University of Building and Architechture, Ukraine, as a achitecht-designer.
Since then Skoromna has been involved in achitechtural business and design for 12 years. Particularly, in that period she has become passionate about working with textile.
In 2002 Iya took a course of weaving from traditional tapestry master in Poltava region.
2003-2005 - the period of creation of the first Iya's collection 'The Unity with the World'.
Since 2006 Iya has become the member of European Tapestry Forum (Danmark), the mamber of Ukrainian Designers' Allians in 2007, and the member of Ukrainian Artists' Alliance in 2008.