Artists / Petrovichev Vladimir

Year of birth 1953 Estonia
Art School. V.A. Serov (now N.K. Roerich). 1974-1978
1978 joins TOMHI (Creative Association of Young Artists and Art Critics)
Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. 1985
Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. 2007
20 sculptures by Vladimir Petrovichev installed in the urban environment (St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad region, etc.)
1978-2018 He taught at the art school named after "O.A. Kiprensky" in Sosnovy Bor.

List of works in museums.
1. State Tretyakov Gallery:
"Iguana and Butterfly". Bronze, auth. Casting. 1985 ≈ 50x17x30cm
2. State Russian Museum:
a) "Heron - self-portrait". Bronze, auth. Casting. 1992 60x28x25 cm
b) "Winter bow". Bronze, auth. Casting, granite. 1995 60x20x25cm
3. Museum of urban sculpture. St. Petersburg.
"Bunny on a pile" - a sketch of the monument to "Bunny" at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Bronze, auth. Casting, marble. 2003 ≈ 8x8x22 cm.
4. Art Museum. G. Sochi.
a) "Snail". Bronze, auth. Casting. 1990 ≈ 28x40x18 cm.
b) "Heron". Bronze, auth. Casting. 1990 ≈ 58x28x25 cm.
5. Museum of Fine Arts in Tyumen.
"Toucans". Bronze, auth. Casting. 1991 ≈ 60x40x35 cm.
6. Art Museum of Sosnovy Bor.
a) Candlestick Birds. Bronze, auth. casting, 1988 31x24x12 cm.
b) "Elephant". Bronze, auth. casting, 17x18x13 cm.
c) Rhino. Bronze, auth. casting, 1987 38x28x15 cm.
7. State Darwin Museum. Moscow. 7 works.
8. State Museum. Timiryazev. Moscow.
a) Walking Ghost. Bronze, auth. casting, 1999 38x26x26 cm.
b) "Rhinoceros beetle". Bronze, casting.
9. Art Fund. St. Petersburg
Turkey. Bronze, auth. casting, 1982 30x20x18 cm.
Portrait of a father with a rake. Bronze, auth. casting, 1983
10. Art Fund. Moscow.
Ant-eater. Bronze, auth. casting, 1983 38x12x19 cm.
Crocodile. Bronze, auth. casting, 1984 37x10x11 cm.
11. Directorate of exhibitions. Moscow.
Yak. Bronze, auth. casting, 1982 31x14x21 cm.
Yabiru bird. Bronze, auth. casting, 1984 40x35x19 cm.
Rhinoceros with a bird. Bronze, auth. casting, 1988 53x40x28 cm.
12. State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. Peter-Pavel’s Fortress.
Bunny on stilts. (Working model (1:8) for the sculpture "A bunny who escaped the flood"). Bronze, auth. casting, wood, metal. 52x10x11 cm. 2002
Ordinary with a bunny. (The first sketch for the sculpture "The Bunny Escaped from the Flood" at the Ioannovsky Bridge of the Peter and Paul Fortress). Bronze, auth. casting, marble. 24x8x7 cm. 2002
13. State Darwin Museum. August. 2008
The bastard is segmented. Bronze, casting.
Cereus Peruvianis. Bronze, casting. 68x15x15. 2001.
14. State Tretyakov Gallery.
July. 2011
Hippo standing.
15. State Darwin Museum.
August. 2012
Frilled lizard. Bronze, glass, casting 15x42x18 cm.
Fish. Bronze, stone, casting 18x27x6.5 cm.
Three pines. 2000, Bronze, Italian marble, casting author. 27x17x7 cm.
Station tree. 1996, Bronze, author. lit., 42x13x11 cm.
16. State Darwin Museum. Moscow.
December. 2013
Runner on the waves. (Basilisk). (Large). Bronze, auth. casting, 57x43x12 cm. 2011
17. Leningrad NPP Museum, Sosnovy Bor.
May 2015.
Sketch of the sculpture "Seagulls" for the fountain in front of the Leningrad NPP building.
Bronze, casting, granite.
18. State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof", "New Farm".
October 19. 2015.
Grasshopper on a scroll with poems by M.V. Lomonosov.
Bronze, casting. 48x33x50cm
19. State Darwin Museum. Moscow.
Portrait of a giraffe. Bronze, casting.
20. Mine Museum. city ​​of Kohtla-Jarve. Estonia.
Portrait of a young miner. Gypsum.
21. Harbin Art Museum, China.
"Tiger walking" br. casting, forest brovn.
"Winter sports", metal, br. Casting.
"Ballerina" brother, lit., quartz.
"Bathers" br., lit.
"Frogs-musicians" br, lit., granite, 14 compositions.
January 2020