Artists / Rakhmanov Farhat

Farhat Rachmanov
Farhat Rachmanov was born in 1955 in Kazan , Tatarstan, Russia.
Now lives in S. Petersburg. Russia.

Art college in Kazan (1975–1979)
Academy of Art in S. Petersburg (“Repin Academy”),
Department of graphic art. 1989

Member of Union of Artists in S. Petersburg.

Many of artwork F. Rachmanov sold to private collectors in Russia, Finland, Holland, China.

Artistic statement.

F. Rachmanov is prolific artist working in genres of portrait, landscape and still-life.

Recent period he’s generally painting still-life.
“Still-life is my favourite genre for the last several years. Painting the still-life allows me apply my skills and formulate my visual and aesthetic ideas” says F. Rachmanov.

His artistic preferences based on classical European art traditions.