Artists / Vasilyev Maksim

Born In 1986 in the town of Pikalevo Boksitogorsky district of Leningrad region.
In 1993 he entered and in 1995 graduated from art school Pikalevskaya.
In 1996 he moved to St. Petersburg.
Also in 1996 he entered and in 1998 graduated from the Children’s Art School named G.V.Sviridova.
In 1998 he entered and in 2004 graduated from the Academy of Arts SPbGAHL im.B.V.Iogansona ( SHSH ). He studied painting and drawing under the guidance M.G.Nekrasova, T.V.Gorb, E.M.Kurkova , P.A.Sadovskogo.
In 1999 he was awarded a diploma for participation in the competition, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin, the work "Bronze Horseman".
In 2002 he was awarded a diploma of the 6th International Youth Art Competition. Repin "Peter - founder of St. Petersburg ( Peter’s epoch )."
In 2003 he was awarded a diploma , and won first prize in a competition to mark the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg , for the work " Construction of the fortress."

In 2004 he entered and in 2010 graduated SPbGAIZhSA (Academy of Arts) them. Repin , Faculty of Painting , Department of Painting . He graduated from the workshop led by O.A.Eremeeva writing thesis "Motherhood " with excellent ratings.
While studying in the Academy of Arts . Repin , studied with such teachers as D.A.Kollegova, I.M.Kravtsov, A.A.Bersenev, A.N.Bliok, V.L.Borovik, O.A.Eremeev.