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Ilyina Nadezhda
St.Petersburg, Russia

Total artworks: 16

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Art - is a message of feelings.
As spices in cooking create a unique taste of a dish, so the feelings and emotions in the painting give rise to food for the soul.
The viewer, looking at the delicacy, cooked by Art-Povar on the canvas, catches special, unique flavor nuances of the emotions of childhood, familiar to him only.
...When you see a picture like this - suddenly everything becomes not important except the experiences, memories and ambitions that at the behest of the artist appeared on the canvas, which live in the hearts of people and will wake up in the memory again and again.

Nadezhda was born into the family of artists in Saint-Petersburg to grow in an artistic atmosphere. In 2007 she finished N.K. Roerich Art School in Saint-Petersburg, where she went into painting. It was then that her signature fantasy style first appeared together with her system of images and fine art tricks that determined pictorial diversity of her paintings. Characters of the artist’s creations are clearly associated with fairy-tales prompting sweet images of the half-forgotten childhood. They are not, however, illustrations to fairytales or legends that have already been written. Instead they are individual characters brought into the world by the author’s memories and impressions.