Artists / Ovsianikov Anton

1973 – was born in Colomya, (Ivano-Frankovsk Region).
1980 – his family moved to Leningrad.
1992 – graduated from the St. Petersburg Art School named after N. K. Rerikh.
2002 – graduated cum laude from the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute
of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, Faculty of Painting
(class of V. V. Pimenov). The diploma work Epiphany garnered the praise of
The State Attestation Committee. During his studies he was twice rewarded
medals and certificates of merit “For Success in Studies” by the Presidium of
the Russian Academy of Arts. After graduation he was sent with a group of
graduates to copy practice in Florence.
2005 – graduated from the post-graduate course at the St. Petersburg State
Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His final exhibition
received the highest appraisal of the State Committee.
He is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2004.
His works are in numerous private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, China,
Germany, France, The United States of America and other countries.
He lives and works in St. Petersburg.

The art of Petersburg painter Anton Anatolievich Ovsianikov is indissolubly linked with the great traditions of realistic school of painting, at first with the basic principles of Russian realistic painting of the second half of XIX century. The basis of these traditions is in a special reliability in depiction of nature in the whole diversity of its manifestations, where the aspiration towards the reliability and elevated spirituality.

For Ovsianikov precisely a landscape had become that genre, where his picturesque talent had realized with the greatest fullness and brightness. In the works, presenting this genre, the artist does not aspire towards the underlined individual rendering of a natural theme, and seems to subdue himself to that unaffected beauty of nature, which is necessary to reveal and to embody convincingly in the polished, classic clear picturesque form. The completeness of the latter is consonant to the pithiness and inner significance of the represented theme or plot. Such a character of plastic and evocative decision is distinguishing also Ovsianikov’s portraits and still-lives, where the artist’s close attention for the traditions of the Old masters. Researching and developing the picturesque achievements of his famous precursors, the artist confirms with his works the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world, emerges as the continuer of the great traditions of the Russian and World realistic art.

R. А. Bakhtijarov, PhD, the member of Art critics and art historians association (AIS), member of staff of the State Russian Museum