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Gnoevoj Sergey
Poltava, Ukraine

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Gnoevoj Sergey (05.10.1954)

Was born on October, 5th, 1954 in small village near Poltava. In 1972 has left the Poltava children art school. In 1975 has acted in the Leningrad art school it. Century Serova. After the termination worked as the teacher at art schools of Leningrad, and then Syktyvkar. Creativity of the artist many-sidedly - it the master of a conversation, a landscape, a still-life. The culture of vision, poetry of artistic images, depth of internal philosophical sense is inherent in its works. Its products different on character, genres, but the general in them is a love to native Ukraine. Sergey Gnoevoj one of the most interesting artists poltava. In its pictures there lives the Ukrainian national tradition and, at the same time, they are very modern and original.