The village

The village
canvas / oil / 50х70cm
741 USD
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Keywords: summer time, village

Genre: landscape
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

The Tatiana Loushnikova’s painting appears rather solid and integral in spite of abundance of details. The range of colours is subtle and restraint. Almost imperceptible, elusive shades of violet in the mass of green look especially beautiful. The atmosphere seems to be captured as lightly and spontaneously as breathing. The main character in the painting is an impressive branchy tree; we also see a pile of wood below and a graphic silhouette of a dead tree on the right. Being situated so closely to one another they seem to suggest that what the author shows us here is the eternal circle of Life, as she portrays the three ages, three phases - the Past, the Present and the Future. The village, merged in its everyday life with the cycles of nature pacifies and instills confidence in the everlasting wisdom of existence.