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Nesvetailo Tatiana
St.Petersburg, Russia

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Nesvetailo Tatiana

Graduated St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin, Department History and theory of arts.
Member of the Russian union of artists (department History and theory of arts).
Senior researcher at the State Russian Museum.

Crna Gora.Yahty Bay of Kotor. Galimov Azat

The painting is performed in confident Realistic style. Using the zigzag composition the artist unfolds the space and reproduces multilayered impression given by this spot of nature, where water, earth and sky elements unite with the hand-made rhythm of yachts and masts. Interlacing relative white and green wedges, each repeated twice, such as green-covered hill and its vibrating reflection in the water, the bulk of yachts and the ephemeral silhouette of the mountain in the background, the painter opposes the real and tangible with the changeable and unsteady. The upper and lower parts of the canvas - water and sky - are connected with verticals of masts, real as well as reflected. The author’s craftsmanship is evident not only in masterly portrayal of space filled with air, but also in the endless variety of stroke techniques, that, though the color range is rather restraint, grant the impression of richness to the pictorial texture.

Rowan-tree. Lyashko Yekaterina

The painting of Yekaterina Lyashko strikes as an expressive outburst of potent creative will. Energetic stroke and bold, sweeping manner of painting develop a real event on the canvas, marked by the conflict of fiery and glacial. The title provokes us to guess the actual impression that impelled the author to draw A Rowan Tree. Watching the painting one could imagine a tree richly covered with ashberries and bending towards a half-frozen river, or could just enjoy the powerful color chord agitating our perception and admire the beauty of color combinations.