Christmas. Sergiev Posad

Christmas. Sergiev Posad
canvas / oil / 50х70cm / 2007
1 195 USD
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Keywords: Christmas

Genre: landscape
Style: realism
Fine art expert comment

At the first glance on the painting it’s hard to determine which object here dominates. There are plenty of them, but none shows up in complete fullness of corporeity. Everything is slightly understated. The gold on cupolas is not that shiny, the original color of the house looks rather vague and uncertain - is it wood or the remains of paint? Which kind of trees are those that line behind the shed? And only a bit later you start to understand that the main thing here is light, so skillfully captured by the artist and revealing itself through the fresh snow that transforms everything around and creates a feeling of joy and feast. Having yet a better look you realize that the artist has keenly caught certain symbolism in this simple landscape and meticulously thought over every single detail of the canvas. The domestic element placed in the very centre of the painting, a ladder, transforms into eternal symbol of spiritual ascension. And Sergiev Posad monastery at the background could be interpreted as a symbol of the City of God.