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Kharkov Art Museum is one of the oldest and in terms of collection value it is one of the most important museums in Ukraine. The history of the museum collection which contains more than 20 thousand of displays is entertaining. Among them there are unique works of world and Ukrainian masters of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, arts and crafts.
Unfortunately, the museum permanent expositionexposition cannot enclose even 10 percent of works of the museum collection. In the art treasury of Kharkov there are works of European level, such as icons of XVI — XIX centuries, canvases of V.Borovikovskiy, D.Levitskiy, A.Losenko, I.Ayvazovskiy, I.Repin, S.Vaislkovskiy, I.Shishkin, A.Benua.

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Gamaley Gregory
Kharkov, Ukraine
Ryauzov  Boris
Moscow, Russia
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