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The museum was created in 1922 as an art department of the Central Museum Tauris. In 1936 this department was reorganized into an independent Simferopol art gallery (opened November 8, 1937), and in 1966 - in Simferopol Art Museum.
The prewar collection consisted mainly of works removed from the palaces and estates in the Crimea. During the Great Patriotic War, it was lost. Currently, the museum houses 77 works surviving from the pre-war collection.
In the postwar period, the museum was completed from the funds of the leading museums of the USSR, from the Directorate of Art Exhibitions and through acquisition from private owners. Currently, the museum contains about 7000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative art. Including unique monographic collections Crimean artists M. Kazas, A. Kozlov, V. Annunciation, I. Mozalevsky. There more than 7000 artworks in its collection.

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Nagornov Vladimir
Cheboksary, Russia
Presnyakov Maximilyan
Ryazan, Russia
Shumov Pavel
Yalta, Russia
Shipilin Igor
Sevastopol, Russia
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