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The Primorye picture gallery in Vladivostok is created in 1966 and there is in a collection more Тhen 5000 works: paintings, diagrams, sculptures and so on."Gold fund" of gallery of an it-pictures of the Russian foreman 18-20 centures: Rokotov, Brullov, Ivazovskiy, Levitan, Serov, Kandinskiy, Shagal and others. Here is icons (antiquerussiaan painting) 18-20centures.In section West-European painting of prodact Italian, Spain, Holland, French artists 14-19 centures. In a collection there is a paintings and diagrams of the modern artists of Russia and Primorye. The works were on display in Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Italia, Finland, USA, Izrail, Shvitsland. From 1999 Primorye picture gallery is the member of the international Assotiation Open Museum.

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Butusov Ilya
Vladivostok, Russia
Ryauzov  Boris
Moscow, Russia
Zolotukhin Vladimir
St.Petersburg, Russia
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