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Kazakh National Academy of Arts named T.Zhurgenov — multi-stage multi-institution, recognized training center for intellectuals, graduates are the golden fund of world and national culture and art. History KazNAU begins with 1955, when the Institute of Arts. In 1977, at its base the Almaty State Theatre and Art Institute (AGTHI).
An important milestone in the history of KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov was the opening of the Faculty of Arts, who produced the first intake of students in 1979.
14 February 2000 on the basis of former Kazakh State Institute of Theatre and Film and the Kazakh State Academy of Arts was created Kazakh State Academy of Arts. July 5, 2001 the Academy was given the special status of Kazakh National Academy of Arts T.Zhurgenov.

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Abdalieva Akzhana
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
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