canvas / oil / 50х130cm / 2009
1 200 USD
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Keywords: harbor, the sea, vessel

Genre: seascape
Fine art expert comment

Composition of 'The Harbour' complies completely with the author's idea. The canvas' panoramic format excludes any movement into the deep – it looks like the ship has just moored to the shore and doesn't intend to continue her journey. The vertical rhythm of the masts at the left concentrates spectator's attention at this part of the canvas where contours of boats and seashore houses are sketched by means of dynamic color spots. The right side of the canvas is plotless, yet the painter fills the space with pictorial content, rendering by broad multidirectional brush strokes color nuances in his portrayal of the ship shades and the patches of sunlight on the water surface. The water itself is utterly unrealistic, but the artist here doesn't aspire to create a classic landscape – this is not a portrayal of what he's seen but an impression he’s got from it. The painting's aesthetics lays in emotionally saturated color relations, which are able to evoke a vivid response in spectators’ souls.