Agreement on the placement of information

Agreement on uploading information about the artists and art objects on this website and on selling the art objects via this website.
1. Art-katalog Gallery (hereinafter Administration) gives the artists or their managers (hereinafter User) possibility to place information about the artists and art objects on the site in the form of text and images.
2. Services in placing the information about the artists and the art objects are given to the User for free. The User and Administration can come to the paid agreement on the additional services which have been not specified in this Agreement.

3. The User undertakes:

  • to observe rules of placing the information and sale art objects via the website and comply with the site’s acceptable use policy
  • not to expose on sale a copy of another's paintings under his/her name - such users will be banned by Administration immediately!!!
  • not to expose on sale a copy of paintings of modern artists or artists died less than 70 years ago!!!
  • to specify authentic and essential information on the author and the art objects offered for sale
  • to check the placed information and, if necessary, correct it in due time
  • to give the correct contact information: an e-mail and phones for communication and correct it timely in case of any changes
  • not to publish on this website any advertizing texts and links!!! Such users will be banned by Administration immediately!!!
  • to place only high quality images of his/her paintings (the photo should not contain frame, text, etc.)
  • in case of order reception operatively contact the customer and organize the art object’s delivery to other city or country
  • to inform Administration on a course of negotiations with the customer
  • in case of sale the art object, pay Administration its commission fee in the amount of 15% (10% for fresco paining) from transaction charge within 7 calendar days considering from the date of transaction consummation. Paintings at discount are not released from commission fee
  • if the painting is being sold in a framing (fillet), the customer should be notified in advance of the fact and charged an additional cost for the framing. The site’s commission fee does not extend to the cost of framing and delivery.

    4. Administration
  • has a right to deny an artist as all the authors have to pass the evaluation of an art critic
  • is going to cancel your account in a month if after getting the access to the site you haven’t uploaded any art objects
  • reserves the right to do the following without assigning any reasons: remove an art object from sale; delete information uploaded by the User; remove the User from the site
  • reserves the right to correct information placed by the User
  • upon receiving the order sends the artist information about the order and customer contacts by E-mail
  • does not carry out intermediary services between the User and the Customer
  • is not liable for any damages or denied profit caused as a result of using the site or impossibility of its using
  • does not bear any responsibility for loss of photographs of the paintings that you uploaded on the site. Therefore do not use this site as your photo bank, store your photos at your home computer and optical media.
  • accumulative discount for a client is allowed by means of Administration
  • reserves the right to complete and change this Agreement

    5. If the User violates item 3. of this Agreement, information uploaded on the site will
  • cease to display on the site in 7 days
  • be deleted in 14 days

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