Reflections of dawn on snow-covered slopes, graphic shadows... Mountains are not just a landscape, but a sublime and a bit mysterious image for everyone.

I don’t know about the desert, but in the mountains it’s difficult to feel lonely.
The mountainous landscape is so significant that it seems like a sentient being, and you can talk to him. What is the conversation about? About everything that passes by in the bustle of the city. At least that’s the impression I got from my trip to the Caucas mountains.

The painting is made in an abstract manner with oil on canvas. Graphics of snowy slopes and a little chaos in the shadows and crevices. Below is a valley. Fragments of red shades give a mood of ecstasy. No fear. You stand high and fight the urge to fly like a bird. And it’s even strange that this is impossible.
canvas / oil / 60х80cm / 2019
3 540 USD
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