Spring Garden

The classic said: "I love spring in early May." I love her every day; and freshly washed greenery, and blue azure in the stormy sky, and the cheerful chaos of streams. Everything is moving, changing so rapidly that once again did not manage to breathe a blossoming apple tree.

And again the theme of spring. The painting is made with oil paints, in an abstract style, which gives space for associations. Here are white spots, neither a tablecloth on the festive table nor that - an island of snow, lightened by the April sun. The green fragment looks like a bouquet and like grass in the garden at the same time. Red and pink brushstrokes give spring excitement, blue ones resemble streams and sky. The technique is sweeping as if everything is moving, this is spring, joyful chaos.
Spring Garden
canvas / oil / 80х90cm / 2018
3 810 USD
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