Heat, the smell of warm dust and bitter grass. The chirping of grasshoppers is so voluminous. Summer is my home, and there are no worries in it, only stereo sound, stereo space, stereo thinking...

"Heat" is a collective image of a secluded outdoor recreation on a summer day. You were exhausted to a half-asleep. You let your thoughts roam freely. Reality and associative images are mixed in consciousness. Fragments of nature are painted in oil. Abstract accents are made with acrylic and resemble sand, sun glare. Vertical stripes indicate that the heat is literally standing. And you don’t move. The combination of matte and glossy surfaces gives a subtle stereo effect.
The picture is dedicated to the wonderful doing nothing. I hope it will help you to relax during the autumn or mental bad weather.
canvas / mixed technique / 85х100cm / 2020
6 000 USD
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