On A Slippery Slope

The landscape trembles, the strokes are impetuous. Old Japan is more like a collective image, is like a feeling of this country, than a reality. Snow and detachment from reality. But how beautiful the outfit of a geisha looks against a winter background. The girl is bizarre, completely incomprehensible, like an alien. I wonder what its like to feel special. What would I be thinking on her place?

The geisha painting seems exotic and psychologically challenging. So I chose the decorative style of writing and a bright palette. But the overall flavor is pleasant, a bit fabulous. The background is painted decoratively as if it were a fantasy. The silhouette of the woman looks graphic on the snowing background. The composition is unstable, the girl walks along a path hidden from us. Her eyes turned to herself, we can only guess how it is - to glide over the snow, and actually, over the life.. on the wooden geisha’s sandals. Walking on them is not an easy task, as is probably the life of a geisha.