Happy autumn
canvas / oil / 60х75cm
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Keywords: autumn

Genre: figurative
Fine art expert comment

As any truly talented artist, Alexandra Nedzvetskaya creates her own unique world on every canvas. The painting Happy Autumn is the evidence that the author is fascinated by the incredibly charming and bewitching theme, that of Golden Age of Russian history. Golden 18th century, the epoch of antique palatial estates, of regular French parks full of marble sculptures and wonderful grottos for clandestine private rendezvous – “deceptive age of transformations…” The charm of this particular period of Russian history often inspired the World of Art members, as well as Russian symbolists, first of all Borisov-Moussatov, Somov, Benois.
The reverie performance… Delicate figure of a young lady running by – as if on stage, she emerges from one side-scene to vanish behind the other. One brief moment, and the vision will disappear. The scene is created by a magnificent park with its groves shaped in the traditions of French landscape art of the time. There’s a sculpture in the middle distance, a handsome knight – a hero of her romance, maybe? And a secluded grotto in the remote corner of the park seems to wait for visitors… The painting is filled with poetry and gentle nostalgia. Two-dimensional decorative composition makes the canvas look like the old trellis, the tapestry with “gallant” plots. The artist managed to keep and convey with perfect precision through her color range, her choice of details, and the swiftness of elusive vision, that piercing note of nostalgia for “the other world”, nostalgia that catches us so suddenly as we walk along the alleys of Tsarskoselsky park and vanishes just as suddenly, leaving us with the aching feeling of longing for irrevocable.