Exhibitions / First World War 1914–1918

First World War 1914–1918
K.Petrov-Vodkin, V.Shuhaev, N.Roerich, P.Filonov, N.Remizov, N.Goncharova, N.Rozanova, K.Malevich, V.Mayakovsky, E.Narbuta, O.Sharleman, K.Korovin, A.Arhipov, L.Pasternak, I.Vladimirov etc.
St. Petersburg, Griboyedov Canal 2, the Russian Museum, Benois Wing
04.06.2014 - 11.08.2014
The exhibition is devoted to the memory of participants and victims of the First World War. The people of these times who two years earlier had celebrated the 100th anniversary of Anti-Napoleon War of 1812 year, regarded the World War as "Great" and "Second Patriotic". Many Russian artists, art historians and museum research workers became the participants of war, while those artists, who hadn’t gone to the front, were engaged in the struggle against enemy with the means of fine art. They took participation in the work of Military Artistic Brigades and two Trophy Commissions, created the canvases and posters that commemorated battles and their heroes, tried to arise the military spirit of Russian soldiers and drew caricatures for different magazines.

The State Russian Museum is the first museum in Russia that presents in 2014 the exhibition, devoted to the First World War. The exhibition will bring together about 250 works from the collection of the Russian museum - the paintings and drawings by K.Petrov-Vodkin, N.Roerich, P.Filonov, caricatures by N.Remizov (Re-Mi), engravings by N.Goncharova and N.Rozanova, popular prints by K.Malevich, V.Mayakovsky, E.Narbut, O.Sharleman and posters by K.Korovin, A.Arkhipov, L.Pasternak, I.Vladimirov and the others.

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