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Fatyanova Svetlana
Essentuki, Russia

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Fatyanova Svetlana

Svetlana Fatyanova
she graduated from the Icon Painting School at the STDS, drawing and painting courses of the Institute of South Ural State University of Economics.
Svetlana writes her canonical icons with a blessing in ancient church traditions. For icons uses boards made in a special way in the form of an ark.
He prepares paints on egg emulsion from frayed stones: gold, seladanite, malachite, lapis lazuli, clays, etc. He takes the best of it.
Svetlana Fatyanova, laureate of the Traveling Exhibition in the Caucasus. She entered the TOP-5 of the ten best “Cities of Masters” of Anapa. Artist, icon painter, restorer. Her works adorn the temples, set up for prayer in the chapels. In the houses of Russia, Greece, France, Israel, Azerbaijan. She collaborates with antique shops.
Many works participated in exhibitions, fairs, competitions in Russia, Singapore, USA, Great Britain. All completed orders, certificates can be viewed on her website. By the way, her dad makes the boards - master cabinetmaker Gennady Mikhailovich Fatyanov.