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The first museum of Bassarabian fine art was opened on on November 26, 1939; its successor becomes National Art Museum of Moldova. In the first days of World War II, the art pieces displayed in the Gallery, together with others donated by the Ministry of Culture and Cults of Romania were loaded into two lorries and delivered to Kharkiv; the destiny of these collections remains unknown until present.
The Russian art collection in the Museum numbers more than 2,000 exhibits. Paintings and drawings of the eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth centuries are represented by works of such famous artists as K.Briullov, R.Zhukovsky, O.Kiprensky, I.Sokolov, V.Tropinin, P.Fedo­tov, E. Chemesov.
The creative work of the members of the Society for Circulating Art Exhibitions is one of the vivid pages in the realism formation in the Russian art of the second half of the nineteenth century.
The Museum contains canvases of I.Kramskoi, V.Makovsky, V.Perov and other famous artists.
Works of A.Benois, I.Bilibin, K.Korovin, B.Kustodiev, F.Malyavin, V.Serov, Z.Sere­bryakova give an idea of complexity and discrepancy in the trends and search of the form in the Russian fine arts of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The collection of Soviet artists’ works contains a number of paintings of S.Gerasimov, I.Grabar, I.Pavlov, M.Saryan, V.Favorsky, K.Yuon. This collection is now in the making and therefore cannot illustrate the whole complex and varied picture of formation and development of Soviet fine arts.
The Western European art collection includes painting, drawings, applied art created by Flemish, Dutch, Italian, French and German artists. Related to the earliest ones are The Flight into Egypt, belonging to the brush of unknown painter of the fifteenth century, St. Catherine by Bernardino Luini, Leonardo da Vinci’s learner and some others.
Painting of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is represented by works of Karel van Mander, Frans Francken, Peter Casteels, Eugene Accard, unknown painter from Jakob Jordaens’ circle and others.
Of great interest is the collection of Western European drawings. It includes drawings and engravings of Giorgio Vasari, Luca Giordano, Albrecht Durer, Adriaen van Ostade, Alexander Calame, Auguste Renoir and other outstanding artists whose names are inseparably linked with world art development.

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Kanashin Yurii
Kishinev, Moldova
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