Artists / Tomsk Regional Art Museum

The Museum was founded in 1979 and opened in 1982. Its basis was formed by the collection of picture department of the Tomsk Museum of Regional Studies and Ethnography, which included small sections of Western European art of the 17-18th centuries, old Russian icons, painting and drawing of Russian artists of the 18-20th centuries.
The Museum is situated in the centre of the town in a three-storied building. Today the collection includes more than 9000 articles. For the most part these are works of modern art.

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Suslov Alexander
Moscow, Russia
Melchenko  Evgenia
Tomsk, Russia
Saidova Fatima
Makhachkala, Russia
Kramorov Sergey
Omsk, Russia
Suvorova Kira
St.Petersburg, Russia
Spesivtsev Vadim
Novokuznetsk, Russia
Sakharova Galina
Moscow, Russia
Khusainov Ilshat
Tobolsk, Russia
Rogachev Viktor
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Spesivtseva Natalia
Novokuznetsk, Russia
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