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Lviv National Art Gallery, a leading art museum in Ukraine, has over 62000 artworks in its collection, including works of Polish, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Flemish, Spanish, Austrian and other European artists. The gallery is based on a Polish institution, Lwowska Galeria Sztuki, which was founded in 1907 as a municipal museum, following the purchase of the collection of Jan Jakowicz by the city magistrate. Later on, the gallery expanded as the parts of the Władysław Łożyński (1914) and Bolesław Orzechowicz (1929) collections were incorporated. In early 2005 the collection of European art from the 14th to the 18th centuries was transferred to the new premises - the renovated palace-residence of Count Potocki, the former governor of Austrian Galicia. A masterpiece of Georges de La Tour, the 17th-century French artist is presented here on permanent display.
You can see the works by Titian, Georges de La Tour, Francisco Goya, Illya Repin and other world-renowned artists. The Gallery comprises over 30 halls divided according to epochs and art movements.

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Shumov Pavel
Yalta, Russia
Ryauzov  Boris
Moscow, Russia
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