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The history of the collection of the Sevastopol Art Museum began in the 1920-ies. The collections are based on the pictures of the Russian and Ukrainian masters of the second half at the 19th-begining of the 20th century that were specially delivered from the State museum fund, the museums of Moscow, Leningrad in 1925 and united with the masterpieces, nationalized at the beginning of the 1920-ies palaces, manors of the South Bank of the Crimea, and those, exhibited and kept in the Yalta artistic museum till the autumn of 1927.
The grand opening of the Sevastopol Art Gallery "for the masses" took place on November 6, 1927. Since 1965 it has been holding the name of the "Sevastopol Art Museum". In 1991 the museum was conferred the name of the honoured worker of arts of Ukraine M. Kroshytskyi - the director of the gallery from 1939 till 1958. Due to his courage and firmness over a thousand most valuable exhibits were evacuated and saved during the years of the Great Patriotic war. The greater part of the collection was removed by the director to the continent from Sevastopol encircled by fascist and during the long thirteen months it had been under his tireless ward on the way from Batumi to Tomsk. In 1956 the exhibits were returned to Sevastopol.

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Shumov Pavel
Yalta, Russia
Elessina Lussja
St.Petersburg, Russia
Shipilin Igor
Sevastopol, Russia
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