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The Novgorod Integrated Museum Complex has in its possession one of the most rich and varied collections of material associated Novgorod the Great dating from the Middle ages.
The collection is included on the list of the most valuable monuments of The Russian Federation Cultural Heritage and on the list of World Cultural Heritage. This complex of various collections is unique not only as one of the oldest in the country but also as one of the most valuable from a historical and artistic point of view.
The collections of artefacts, icons, decorative-applied art, historical and legislative documents and seals, books, architectural monuments and mural paintings help us to trace the non stop process of historical and cultural development in Novgorod the Great over a period of a thousand years. The Novgorod integrated museum-complex is the only one of its kind that still exists in Russia. It incorporates seven branch museums that are located in Novgorod, Valdiy, Chudovo, Staraya Russa and Borovitchy.

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Oligerov Alexander
Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Matushevsky Jury
Vladimir, Russia
Klyukin Oleg
Noginsk, Russia
Pianov Valeri
Moscow, Russia
Dareev Andrey
Moscow, Russia
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