Artists / The State Literary Museum

State Literary Museum (GLM) - Russia’s largest museum of the history of Russian literature. In May 1931 the RSFSR People’s Commissariat established a special Commission on the preparation and organization of the Central Literary Museum in Moscow. In 1933 was organized by the Central Museum of fiction, criticism and journalism, and in 1934 he teamed up with the Literature Museum at Union library of the USSR named after VI Lenin. Thus arose the State Literature Museum. The initiator of its creation and was the first director Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich.
Today, GLM funds have more than 700,000 items documenting the history of Russian literature from the earliest times. It is handwritten and printed books, lifetime editions and autographed books writers, personal archives and collections figures in Russian literature and culture, archives, publishers, creative unions, and unique photographs of prominent Russian artists of applied art, the monuments of culture, life, a collection of commemorative items , a collection of playbills, posters, records, folklore fonozapisey voices of writers and video recordings of their performances.