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Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts is one of the biggest Art museums in the Urals.
The department of Russian Painting’s got a big and constantly replenishing collection of icons, referring to 16-19th centuries. It is 700 items. Russian Art of the 2nd part of 18th - 1st quarter of 19th is introduced by the works of F. Rokotov, D. Levitzkiy,V. Borovikovskiy, V. Tropinin, K. Brullov,A. Venitsianov, I. Aivazovskiy. The Art of the 2nd part of 18th century is represented by so called artists-peredvizhniks V. Perov, I. Kramskoy, G. Myasoyedov. The end of 19th c. was the top of Russian painting and the time of creation of different art associations. The museum has several pictures of the Association "The World of Art" created by A. Benua, S. Sudeykin . Significant part of the collection of West Europe Art contents the pictures of Italian artists of 14-19th cc. Besides the drawings from France , Holland, Germany. The collection of Russian Avant-garde of 1910-1920 is the property of the museum. At the exposition on Vayner st. The pictures of K. Malevitch,V. Kandinskiy, M. Larionov, N. Goncharova,I. Mashkov Are represented as well.

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Kostylev Sergey
Perm, Russia
Klyukin Oleg
Noginsk, Russia
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