Artists / The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh

The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh is located in the baroque Palace which was built in the 18th century by the local architect N. Iyevsky for voronezh governor I. Potapov. The museum was opened in 1933. The basis of the Museum formed two old and very rich collections: the exhibits of The Museum of Antiquities and Fine Arts of Voronezh State University and the art collection of the Provincial Museum. The oldest collection of ancient art has got great cultural, historical and artistic value. The museum is interested by works of outstanding masters of Russian and Western European origin (16-20 centuries): paintings, graphics, applied art, sculpture. Also the Museum possesses the paintings of our famous compatriots I. Kramskoy, A. Butshkure, E. Kiselyova and the works of contemporary Voronezh artists.

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Bogachev Andrey
Voronezh, Russia
Ryauzov  Boris
Moscow, Russia
Skargina Lidiya
Lipetsk, Russia
Kochukov Nikolay
St.Petersburg, Russia
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