Artists / Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts

The history of creating the collection of the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts is closely interconnected with the artistic life of the Don region in the end of the XIX -beginning of the XX century. Well-known figures of culture — artists I. S. Sarian and A D. Silin, writer I. Shaginian contributed to the museum foundation.
Today its collection consists of more than 6 thousand works. The artistic repository has three sections: ancient Russian art of the XVI-XX centuries, Western European art of XVII-XIX centuries with an Oriental part, and modern art.
The museum takes pride in its collection of Russian art belonging to the second half of the XIX century and the borderline between the XIX and the XX centuries. Works of Italian, Dutch and Flemish masters are a pearl of the collection.
The Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts represents canvases of famous masters and introduces to new names and artistic directions in modern art.