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The main purpose of the Museum-Reserve is to preserve historical and cultural heritage. It was founded in 1990. Nowadays, there are 184 historical monuments and objects of cultural heritage on the hrotected area of our museum, it is about 491,5 hestares. Dominant concepts of the Museum-Reserve are the development of museums and various directions of tourism in Elabuga and Elabuga,s district. In 2009 Museum-Reserve had entered into the thirty best European museums. In 2012 according to International festival "Intermuseum 2012" Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve took Grand Prix and the status of "The best museum in Russia 2012".
Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve includes such unique museums as I.I. Shishkin’s memorial house-museum, Museum-Farmstead of N.A. Durova, The House of Memory of M. Tsvetaeva, the museum of district medicine named after V.M/ Behterev, the museum "Washhouse". Also the Museum-Reserve consists of The Local History Museum Complex, Interactive workshops, The Museum-Theatre Tavern, The Exhibit Hall, Art Salon.

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Korotkov Valentin
Moscow, Russia
Galimov Azat
St.Petersburg, Russia
Silivonchik Anna
Minsk, Byelorussia
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