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The Radishchev State Art Museum in Saratov is one of the country’s oldest museums and the first open-door art exhibition in provincial Russia. It was founded in 1885 by the initiative of a prominent Russian artist Alexei Bogoliubov, a grandson of Radishchev. T
he collection of the museum contains over 19,900 items (including painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative art). It consist of two departments: the department of foreign art and the department of Russian art of XIII -XX centuries. The last is represented in the constant exhibition by the works of most outstanding painters. Such as Briullov, Repin, Levitan and the eminent Saratov-born artist -Paul Kuznetsov and Victor Borisov-Musatov. The museum possesses the country’s biggest collection of Bogoliubo himself; numbering over 200 paintings.

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Lavrinenko Ruslan
Saratov, Russia
Babich Aleksandr
Moscow, Russia
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