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The Divnogorsk Museum of Art is situated in Divnogorsk. It is a town next to Krasnoyarsk. Museum of Art was found in 1997. It was open at 24th of January at the birthday of famous Siberia artist Vasily Ivanovich Surikov. There are three showrooms at museum. Exhibitions have changed every month. Sometimes you can see from two to five different exhibitions at the same time. Museum of Art has three depositaries for painting, drawing and sculpture. There are works by Russian artist 70th - 80th year, Krasnoyarsk’s and Divnogorsk’s modern artist at museum’s main fund.
Museum had big collections of Shepelevich E.A., Belousov E.G., Musin G.G. Visitors can get a variety of services, for example, tours with guide, master classes, meets with artists and other.

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Rogachev Viktor
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
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