Artists / National Gallery of Armenia

The National Gallery of Armenia is one of the biggest museums of the Republic of Armenia, located in its capital, Yerevan.
NGA was founded in 1921 as an art section of the State museum. The foundation of the section has been consisted of dozens of works purchased from Armenian painter’s exhibition organized in August 1921. A decisive factor in the formation of the art section was the assignation of the rich collection of The Armenian Palace of Culture and the donations of Armenian artists to it. Already in 1925, there were exposed about 400 works of Armenian, Russian and European masters in the six halls of the art section.

In 1935, the art section was changed into Art Museum, in 1947 it was called State Museum of Armenia and from 1991 it was renamed as National Gallery of Armenia. In 1978, a new 8-storey building was put into exploitation. Now the collection of the NGA includes about 26,000 museum exhibits and the building has 56 exposition halls in which there are presented the museums treasures by temporary and permanent exhibitions.