Artists / Yaroshenko Memorial House-Museum in Kislovodsk

The museum was founded in 1959 and was open for visitors on March 11, 1962.
The Museum is located in the territory, which was the property of Yaroshenko family (1885-1915). The property includes manors with a garden, park and the buildings including 4 memorial buildings.
Total of units of storage - 7794; including: painting - 943; diagram - 1773; sculpture - 64; arts and crafts - 175; photos - 2322; documents - 92; other - 2425.
The collection of picturesque and graphic works of N.A. Yaroshenko (1846-1898) is the basis of the exposition in the main building of the museum. The works of M.Nesterov, N.Dubovsky, N.Kasatkin and V.Vasnetsov displayed in the halls of one of the exhibition buildings. There are unique collections of paintings and graphic works by V.Perov, I.Kramskoy, I.Repin, Makovsky brothers, A.Kuindzhi, A.Kiselev, V.Maksimov, V.Polenov, A.Savrasov and others.
Paintings, graphic works and sculptures by L.Lagario, V.Oryol, P.Sukhodolsky, N.Tyutrumov, N.Dmitriev-Orenburgsky, V.Vereshchagin, F.Vasiliev, L.Pozen, E.Lansere, A.Ober, V.Beklemishev, I.Gintsburg and L.Bernstam present the second half of the XIX century.
Works by I.Levitan, V.Serov, A.Benua, L.Bakst, F.Malyavin, S.Malyutin, S.Vinogradov, A.Korin, L.Turzhansky, P.Petrovichev, N.Bogdanov-Belsky and Е.Stolitsa reflect the Golden Age of the Russian Art of the end of the XIX century.
The Soviet Art collection includes such names as V.Byalynitsky-Birul, I.Grabar, M.Avilov, K.Yuon, P.Radimov, V.Oreshnikov, S.Rotnitsky; E.Kruglikova, E.Katsman, V. Kurdov, G.Epifanov; S.Konenkov, M.Anikushin etc.

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