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In 1989 after the reconstruction of Murmansk first stone building, erected in 1927, the City Administation decided to give these quarters under the Art Gallery.
In March, 1990, it received the first party of painting, graphic, sculpture and decorative art works. Thus the gallery became the specialized museum of the fine arts.
At the present moment the basic fund of our museum has more than 3000 units of art. The works pf Murmansk regional masters, which reflect the specific character of North, take a deserved place in our collection and are the particularity of the museum. On the whole this collection represents the developments of Russian fine arts in the North in 1960-1990 and tne most typical tendencies of the Artisit Union creative activity. Tne collection shows up the individual features of the northern artists work, the variety of techniques and genres.

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Oligerov Alexander
Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Vetrogonsky Andrey
St.Petersburg, Russia
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