Artists / Pobozhensky Vyacheslav

Vyacheslav Pobozhensky - participant of more than 150 group and solo
exhibitions in Russia, Finland, Sweden, France, Mallorca, Italy, Germany,
Switzerland, England, USA, South Africa, China, etc. Here are some of them:
1983 - The first exhibition of TEII "Association of Experimental Fine Arts",
Palace of Youth, Leningrad;
1984 - Exhibition TEII "Facets of a portrait", Palace of Culture named after
Kirov, Leningrad;
1986 - Personal exhibition in the gallery “Artegranika OY”, Helsinki, Finland;
1987-1990 - Exhibitions of the Ostrov group, Leningrad;
1988-190. - Art auctions “Deutsch Auktion Haus”, Zurich, Switzerland;
1988-1990 - exhibitions of Soviet artists in the Koller gallery, Switzerland;
1989 - Exhibition "Art-Sovetiko-89", Helsinki, Finland;
1989 - Auctions "Sotheby", "Christie's", Stockholm, Sweden;
1990 - Exhibitions of Soviet artists in Barcelona, ​Spain, "Tradition and
Perestroika", Paris, France, "Philips", London, England;
1992 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Mars", Moscow;
1994 - Exhibition of Leningrad artists in the gallery "Barbara Botz",
Dusseldorf, Germany;
1995 - Personal exhibition, Aachen, Germany;
1995, 1996, 1997 - Personal exhibitions in the gallery “Barbara Botz”, Puerto
Andratx, Mallorca;
1997 - Participation in an international action to prepare for the
celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity (creation of the panel
"Archangel Raphael" by order of the Vatican, 10x4m), Krakow, Poland;
1998 - P. Karbstein's autumn auction;
2000 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Nudling Fulda", Germany;
2000 - International exhibition D. Bleksham, London, England;
2002-2004. - exhibitions Spiritual Mission "in the Museum of Ethnography,
St. Petersburg;
2004 - 2nd Biennale of Graphics, Manege, St. Petersburg;
2005 - Exhibition "Petersburg Pilgrims", State. Museum of the History of
Religion, St. Petersburg;
2006 - Personal exhibition at the "Book and Graphics Center", St.
2006 - Personal exhibition in Munich, Germany;
2007 - Personal exhibition at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow.