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Muzhev Konstantin
Minsk, Byelorussia

Total artworks: 3

Views: 19452

Muzhev Konstantin (02.02.1977)

Since 1997 takes an active part in exhibitions in Belarus and abroad.
1997 - Participation in the creation of the memorial complex “Island of Tears”, Minsk, Belarus.
2000 – Participation in the Republican exhibition “New Names”- competition of young artists. The first prize in the category “Avant-garde Art”.A diploma for the first prize in sculpture and a special prize of the company “Schwarzkopf & Henkel”.
2000 – “A clearance in the tunnel”.Organizer of the group exhibition - action (performance, sculpture, painting). Minsk, Belarus.
2001 – Participation in the “Gallery 24” group exhibitions. Minsk, Belarus.
2002 – Participation in the “Time is not standing there waiting” Republican contest-exhibition of Young Artists. Minsk, Belarus.
2003 – Participation in the Moscow International Art Salon “New Generation”, Moscow, Russia.
2003 – Participation in the “Autumn 2003” Republican exhibition. Minsk, Belarus.
2004 - Action “No Porno” (performance). Fashion House. Minsk, Belarus.

2005 – Participation in the Fifth International Festival of snow and ice sculpture “Snow fantasy”. Jury Prize. Murmansk, Russia.
2005 – Participation in the first international competition for young architects “Leonardo 2005”. The project of the “Block” association “XI centuries of Belorussian history”.The first prize in the “sculpture” nomination.
2005 – Participation in the project “Next Generation of Belorussian sculpture”. Minsk, Belarus.
2005 – Participation in the exhibition “To see the air”. Minsk, Belarus.
2005 – Participation in the exhibition “Myths of Belarus”.Palace of the Republic, Minsk, Belarus.
2005 – Participation in the project “Panteonika”. Museum named after Marc Chagall. Vitebsk, Belarus.

2006– Participation in the Festival of ice and snow sculptures in Harbin.Medal and a diploma for “high quality sculpture”.China.
2006 - Awarded a Scholarship of a Special Fund of President of Belarus.
2006 – Participation in the Festival of avant-garde fashion “Mammoth”. The team received firstprize.
2006 – Performance “Imago”. National Library, Minsk, Belarus.
2006 - Exhibition of works by association “Block” dedicated to the celebration of the city (The “XI centuries of Belorussian history” project).
2006 - National Exhibition of Young Artists “The way I Spent My Summer”. Minsk, Belarus.
2007 – The joint exhibition “Views”. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2008 - Performance “Suprematic run” in the exhibition devoted to Kazimir Malevich. Design Exchange, Minsk, Belarus.
2008 - Performance “1 balance 1”.National Library, Minsk, Belarus.
2008 - Participation in the international festival of sand sculptures. Minsk, Belarus.
2008 - Art project “The Wheel”. Minsk, Belarus.

2009 - Project “Potentialism”. Minsk, Belarus.
2009 - International contest“Art Week”. II prize in “Sculpture”nomination.Moscow, Russia.
2009 - Performances “Morality disabled”.International Museum Day,Minsk, Belarus.
2009 - Participation in the 53 Venice Biennale with a sculptural project “Elementarium”. Belekspo, Minsk, Belarus.
2009 - Performances “Point” at the opening of 53 Venice Biennale, Belekspo, Minsk, Belarus.
2009 - Performances “Saturation of the form” at the art festival “Dah IX”. Minsk, Belarus.
2009 - Participation in the festival of digital art and video art “Terranova”, National Library Gallery. Awarded with adiploma of II degree.Minsk, Belarus.

2010 – Sculpture project “Elementarium”at the exhibition “Art In Touch”. Minsk, Belarus.
2010 - Performance“Social Project 1: The latent violence” within the design week in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2010 - Performance “Performance with potato flavour: agricultural saint” within the “Artsegment” exhibition. Minsk, Belarus.
2010 – Performance "Blank time" within the festival Art DAH-XI. Minsk, Belarus.
2010 - Performance “BesslovesTnyY” within the art festival “Forward”. Minsk, Belarus.
2010 - the Project «Elementarium III» the full version in galleries "At" Minsk.

2011 - Participation in “5th Arte Laguna Prize” Venice Italy.
2011 – Performance «The call », Belorussian Union of Designers, Minsk.
2011 – Performance «Archaic and eternity », Azgura Museum, Minsk.
2011 - Exhibition of "Block" union (The "11 centuries of history of Belarus") Z.Azgura Museum, Minsk.
2011 - Performance "1 = 1" and video installation «CIVILIZATION» 4 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
2011 - Visual and Musical Experiment "LINE", National School of Beauty, Minsk.
2011 - Project video art "... the continuation of the beginning ...". The Museum of Modern Art, Minsk.

2012 - The exhibition "LitArt" performance "Social project number 2," Mastatstva Palace, Minsk.
2012 - Member of the Council of the Belarusian Union of Designers.
2012 - Curator of the exhibition «Inter Face» Oleg Kostyuchenko and Sergey Varkina.
2012 - Participation in exhibition «Abstract 2012", Center for Contemporary Art, Vitebsk.
2012 - Performance "Reshenie2ya phase" Night of Museums, the Museum of Modern Art, Minsk.
2012 - A performance "DISSIDENT, "III Biennale of Painting", drawings and sculptures Mastatstva Palace, Minsk.

2013 - A performance"Лook,"Real Festival of Contemporary Art "Dah-collapse" Museum of Modern Art, Minsk.
2013 - exhibition project «MUZHEV (a)» National Beauty School, Minsk.
2013 - performance "AssTOcheRTILA" program of the Belarusian Performance-art the International Festival of Contemporary ArtGOGOLFEST13, Kiev (Ukraine).

2014- The exhibition contemporary Belarusian art «Avant-gARTe. From the square to the object " sculpture «NOYSTOYVOYARY» Minsk.
2014- A performance"№3 technology of LOVE" Festival performance penAtra (C) tion-5, Center for Contemporary Art, Minsk.

2015 - Performance «ΔαίδαλοςἼκαρος», exhibition of "The Da Vinci Inventions", National Art Museum, Minsk.
2015 - Performance «A (I) _ +», Museum Night, Vitebsk Centre for Contemporary Art.
2015 - Performance «SKVARETINO», the Art Gallery of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, Polotsk, Belarus.
2015 - Performance "DuLYa camaro Yu" Festival "Days of art performance in Lviv" Lviv, Ukraine.
2015 - Participation in the exhibition "Autumn Salon", a sculpture «NOY-VOY-STOY-ARY», Minsk.
2015 - Participation in the exhibition "Project", the sculpture «SKVARETINO», Palace of Arts, Minsk.
2015 - Participation in the exhibition "arTREShtkі" sculpture "Wa-la", the upper city, Minsk.
2015 - Installation of the sculpture "Wa-la" at the site of the memorial museum-workshop ZI Azgur, Minsk.

2016 - Performance «HOMO_BDSM_CONSUMENS», the first Belarusian festival of post-sculpture, memorial museum-workshop ZI Azgur, Minsk.