Artists / Shtan Inga

2000 – "Pushkin mountains". The Italian Hall of Academy of Arts.
2001 – " Summer mosaic". The State Museum of a City Sculpture.
Open-air in Finland
2002-2009 - annual "Autumn exhibitions", in the St.-Petersburg Union of Artists.
2003 – "Frescos". Smolnii Sobor. St.-Petersburg.
2004 – an exhibition devoted to memory of F.Abramov. The Sviato-Duhovsky Cultural-educational Centre. The Svito-Troitsk Aleksandro-Nevskii Lavra.
2005 – "Successors of Great Art". The All-Russia exhibition of the best degree works. The Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow.
2006 – the Joint Exhibition of artists working on the Academic Summer residence. Zal of Borodino panorama. Moscow.
"Image of the Native land". III All-Russia exhibition of landscape painting. Vologda.
2007 – the All-Russia exhibition "Young artists of Russia". Moscow.
2008 – "Nereditsa. The Link of Times" Manez. St.-Petersburg.
2008 – Personal exhibitions: "Travelling " Library of Griboedov, "landscape Poetry" Nikolsky library, "Seasons" Ribatskaia library
2009 - Over Sevastopol St.-Petersburg Union of Artists.
Participation in the international open-airs in Finland, Bulgaria, Italia, Crimea