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Tyurin Alexander Ivanovich
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Total artworks: 39

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Tyurin Alexander Ivanovich (1959)

Since 1984, Alexander Tyurin has taken part in more than 100 exhibitions in Uzbekistan and abroad, including 11 personal exhibitions. These are:
1987 Academy of Art USSR. Leningrad.
1993 Personal exhibition in Union Architecture of Uzbekistan. Tashkent.
1993 Personal exhibition in Embassy of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan. Tashkent.
1993 «Modern Art» in Embassy of the Great Britain in Russian Federation. Moscow.
1993 «Oriental gallery». London, Vein, Frankfurt on Mayne, Stockholm, Brussels.
1994 Personal exhibition in «Oriental gallery». Moscow.
1994 Personal exhibition in Parliamentary centre of Russian Federation. Moscow.
1994 Personal exhibition in Federal Meeting of the State Duma to Russian Federation. Moscow.
1994 «Oriental gallery» in Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow.
1995 Russian-american project in the field of cultures and art. Washington - Moscow.
1995 «Artists and poets» in Theatre on Taganke. Moscow.
1996 «Art Moscow». Central House of the Artists. Moscow.
1997 Personal exhibition in Central House Concert «Russia». Moscow.
1997-99 «Art Agency gallery». Central House of the Artists. Moscow.
2000 «Orient-West. The Dialogue at time». Representation of the program of the development UNO. Tashkent.
2001 «BIENNALE-2001». Tashkent.
2002 «Art-Saloon» in Central House of the Artists. Moscow.
2002 Personal exhibition in Worldwide bank to reconstructions and developments. Tashkent.
2003 «Seismograph». Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Tashkent.
2004 «Festival Art of the Uzbekistan». Moscow.
2005 «Korean + Uzbekistan». Tashkent.
2005 «Art-Saloon» in Central House of the Artists. Moscow.
2007 «BIENNALE-2007». Tashkent.
2008 Personal exhibition. The Project «Civilization», «Art-land Alexander Tyurin. Elected». Tashkent.