Artists / Gilyarov Alexey

- An art arena (2000),

- France (2000 and 2002, Paris-Normandy),

- Belgium (Libr-Art, 2001)

- In 2005g. - the student of the award of Russian-Italian Academy Ferroni (Florence) «for the contribution to World art».

- In 2008 it is awarded by a gold medal "National property" МАОН.

- In 2008 an exhibition in Monaco.

- In the end of September - the beginning of October 2009г. In the Slovak city of Snina has passed 16 festival of the fine arts in which masters from Holland, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarusii have taken part.

- Since December, 30th 2009г. On January, 17th 2010г. An exhibition in ЦДХ "All the in art space".