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Tremmery Lydia
Kiev, Ukraine

Total artworks: 29

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Tremmery Lydia (27.02.1946 - 1996)

Museum collections:

Lugansk Regional Art Museum;

1973 -   Republican exhibition Etudes (Riga): Latvian Motives trilogy: Summer, Autumn, Winter;
1975 -   Female artist exhibition named Female Portrait: Spring;
1976 -   Republican book exhibition: illustrations for the books Till Eulenspiegel and A Girl and a parrot;
1976 -   Print exhibition: works from the Latvian motives trilogy: Summer, Spring;
1977 -   Republican exhibition of young artists: Latvian motives;
1978 -   Female artist  exhibition: A Still Life With a Tea-Pot, and A Still Life with Soyuz-Apollo;
1980 -  Female artist exhibition: works from the trilogy Latvian Motives and Spring;
1980 -  Republican exhibition Print: A Still Life With a Tea-Pot, An Interior;
1980 - Republican exhibition of young artists: works Carver, Sculptor and Green Apple;
1982 - All-Soviet exhibition Print: In the Memory of a Rider, An Interior and Flowers;
1982 - Republican exhibition Print: Two with a Dog, In the Memory of a Rider;
1985 - a group exhibition (Union of Artists of Ukraine): A Game with the Moon, Two, An Interior and A Female Artist.