Artists / Khartchenko Victoria

2000. A student’s exhibition - «The Taneevskiy Hall», Kaluga
2000. An exhibition of young artists, gallery - «Na Bastionnoy», Pskov
2000. A student’s exhibition - Palace of culture, Pushkinskie gory
2001. A student’s exhibition – Summer affiliate of the Academy of Arts. Alupka
2002 «The Exhibition of Teachers and Students of the Academy of Arts» - Shanghai.
2003 - 2005 « The Mobile Exhibition of Russian Artists in China » - Peking, Shanghai etc.
2004. The prize-winner of competition «The Summer Etude», dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russian museum, St. Petersburg.
2004 Art index «Art of St. Petersburg» - the Russian ethnographic museum, Saint Petersburg.
2005 « Charm of Daily Occurrence» - I.I. Brodskiy’s museum - apartment, Saint Petersburg.
2005 «A Small Picture» -"Image" hall, Kaluga.
Since 2003 Victoria has been a constant participant of exhibitions «Spring», «Autumn» in the St.-Petersburg union of artists, and of young artists exhibitions, within the framework of the international festival of arts «From Avant-garde Up to Now».

Personal exhibition:
2009 - «Torching moment» -«20 Century» art gallery, Beijing, China
2011 - «From the West to the East» - Art-gallery "Nebo", Kiev, Ukraine.