Artists / Prudnikova Elena

2001- Pushgory, Russia. Exposition at the open-air museum.
2002 - Spain. Work on the set of portraits.
2003- Lugano, Switzerland. Exhibition, devoted to the 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg. 2003- Livan. Exhibition of Drawings.
2004- Seul, Korea. Exhibition of Drawings.
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007- St.Petersburg, Russia. «Autumn-Spring Exhibitions at the Artists’ Union of SPb».
2003, 2004, 2005- St.Petersburg, Russia. «From Avant-garde to Nowadays» at the Artists’ Union of SPb.
2005, 2006- St.Petersburg, Russia. A member of the «International Art-Fair».
2003, 2005-2007- Moscow, Russia. Works were exhibited in the CHA at the Manezh.
2004- Fiuggi, Italy. «St.Petersburg Days» in Italy.
2004- Stockholm, Denmark. Exhibition «First visit» at the Royal Academy of Arts.
2005- Riga, Latvia. Exhibition «New Names».
2006-2007- Delft, Holland. Exhibition «Saint Petrsburg’s Art».
2007- Moscow, Russia. Exhibition of Diplomas, devoted to the 250-anniversary of the Art Academy at the Manezh.
2007- Moscow, Russia. «Youth Exhibitionи» at the Artists’ Union of Russia.
2008- Moscow, Russia. Exhibition «My Motherland».
2008- Beijing, China. Exhibition «Russian Landscape».
2008- St.Petersburg, Russia. Exhibition «Music of Soul» at the Manezh.
2008- Russia. Traveling exposition «Big Volga».
2008, May-September- Moscow, Russia. One-person exhibition «Spring of Russia», the City Hall.