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Grachov Valery
Kiev, Ukraine

Total artworks: 19

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I obtained architectural education, but had not been engaged in architecture much, basically in the field of small architectural forms. I developed interiors and other design objects. However, the painting has been occupying me from early childhood, from approximately five-year-old age and uninterruptedly until now.

At the moment I position myself as an artist working in direction of romantic realism although, it has not always been like that. My third and fourth solo exhibitions were almost entirely abstract. The following 5 years I painted sky - ‘airplane landscapes’. And later I began painting mountain landscapes. Abstractionism and realism are sides of the same creative process – sometimes it is nice to see the world in whole and sometimes to penetrate deeply into its forms.

The work in digital world gives a possibility to sink into a universe of smallest details with a highest speed. It seems to me that speed of painting a work is a pledge of its quality – faster is better (I mean professional work indeed). In spite of digital work, in traditional painting it is difficult to make a work with large number of details for a short time. Therefore, when I get tired with realistic painting, I paint abstract miniatures or work in digital applications. When I get bored with computer, I have a rest at the desktop.